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Business Partners provides Organizational Performance Consulting Services to strengthen enterprise Collaboration, Automation, and Change capabilities.
We are a Kansas Corporation serving moderate to large companies both domestic and international. Our partners have prior consulting engagements with: AT&T, H&R Block, and KonnectIT.

Collectively, our BPI partners have 100+ years in coaching and transitioning leadership teams through a multitude of unprecedented changes. We are proud to have contributed to the emergence of more energized, innovative and resilient organizations.


The Impetus Behind BPI

Offer comprehensive services similar to those offered through large Consulting firms - "Affordably"

When organizations embarq upon the change process they are often blindsided by politics and emotion. It often takes a neutral, fresh pair of eyes to both uncover change opportunities and engage & support organizational members in navigating through them. With 70% of major change initiatives failing to net desired results, it is beneficial to have a trusted business partner.

Our Approach

In assessing your current "organizational reality", we work with you to quickly identify and develop "actions" that move you towards your vision of productivity and performance. Our simple roadmap for change helps you navigate the transitions while our straight talk approach seeks to provide you the ability to surface and candidly address business issues that impede your desired organizational performance.


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